Legal pot bill dead: New Jersey lawmakers to move ahead with 2020 referendum

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So it seemed out of character when all of a sudden the New jersey legislature began moving a bill that. out a voter referendum on marijuana legalization for this year, saying the Legislature would.

NJ legal weed: What we know after lawmakers kill the bill, say voters should decide The Legislature will not vote to legalize marijuana, instead voters will decide in 2020. Here’s what we know and.

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TRENTON, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) – New Jersey lawmakers have ceased efforts to push for a bill to pass recreational marijuana in the Garden State. The measure will now be up to voters in 2020. state senate president steve sweeney has been pushing since February to try and muster enough votes needed to get recreational marijuana approved within the state Senate, and he’s been coming up short.

Lawmakers. an agreement on a medical marijuana bill during their 2016 session, and according to the Marijuana Policy Project, the state has among the most draconian cannabis laws in the country. In.

. is poised to hit New Jersey hard and that’s prompting lawmakers to take action. Despite an increase in medical school enrollments, New Jersey is expected to need nearly 3,000 doctors by 2020.

NJ legal weed vote pushed back to 2020, and this time voters will decide. lawmakers will push to advance a bill to expunge marijuana criminal records, which was part of a package they tried to.

Chris Christie’s administration said in a court filing Friday that a single judge should not be able to force New Jersey to do so. same-sex marriages to move ahead in the meantime would be damaging.

The bill to legalize marijuana is dead. Now it’s up to you to decide. (Patch photo) Top lawmakers announced wednesday that they’re dropping legislative efforts to legalize marijuana in New Jersey.

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There’s new. marijuana legalization, has introduced legislation that would implement statewide regulations for marijuana sales, should Prop. 19 pass. The intent of the bill, according to Ammiano’s.

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The bill passed both houses of the New Jersey Legislature. and Biden in a dead heat The Trump administration asked the court to allow it to implement its most sweeping effort yet to overhaul the.