Student Loan Debt Is Bad For Mental Health, And These Stats Prove it

Student debt has increased from $675 billion at the beginning of the Obama presidency to $1.6 trillion today. There’s no serious way to deal with that without writing a ton of it off. The fact that Democrats are finally debating how much and for whom is a tremendous step forward.

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More than 44.2 million people in the U.S. have student loan debt, according to 2016 data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and they all have one thing in common: They have to figure out a way to pay those loans back.. dental hygienists and mental health professionals including.

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Total student-loan debt in the U.S. is more than $1.2 trillion, with an average of $40,000 per person. If you owe some of that debt, here’s what to do.

The Mental and Physical Toll of Student Loans. It’s widely known that inability to pay student debt can result in a host of problems, like damaged credit or garnished wages, but a new study from the University of South Carolina suggests that some ill effects, such as increased stress levels or feelings of depleted health, can surface just from accumulating student-loan debt.

Students are struggling to cope with rising tuition costs and high debt loads. The mental wellbeing of students is not the only area affected by steep tuition and loans-their parents’ lives are also altered. For example, parents are postponing retirement and taking on additional debt to help put their children through school or pay off loans.

I think the more we can talk about how student loan debt affects people’s mental health, the closer we can get to finding a solution to this issue. I know for me, that my student loans have caused its fair share of mental grief.

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Akers discusses new research on the relationship between student loan debt and psychological well-being and suggests an alternative way to examine this issue.. The answers to these questions.

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