United Way recognizes volunteers, outgoing director at its annual meeting

15th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies, Mission and Messaging: Cutting Through the Noise. Over 300 leaders in the sector attended the 15th Annual Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies, Mission and Messaging: Cutting Through the Noise, Nov. 29-30, 2007. The conference featured national speakers Chuck Gould, Executive Director and CEO of Volunteers of.

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Additionally, the Greater Valley forge transportation management association (gvftma) presented Chester County with the Public Leadership Award at its May annual meeting, based on the newly adopted Landscapes3 Plan and the County’s support of smart transportation options.

UNITED WAY ANNUAL MEETING CLOSES 2017 CAMPAIGN; RECOGNIZES VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP. United Way Volunteer of the Year Angela Cassidy.. recognized once as their volunteer of the year and is currently the volunteer secretary for the Madison County Builders and the Doll Circle of Indianapolis.

ISRAEL YOUR WAY INFORMATION FORM 6 ANNUAL MEETING 5 Ronald A. Paul, M.D. United Jewish Endowment Fund 1 , President Stuart S. Kurlander, President The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Steven A. Rakitt, Chief Executive Officer Daytime phone The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Eileen Frazier., Managing Director United.

There are service days throughout the year – United Way Day of. stands beside its stated purpose to be a community asset. We hear our leadership talk about that goal, whether to an audience of.

WORCESTER – Dr. Charles Steinberg, president of the Pawtucket Red Sox, told the 99th annual meeting of the United Way of central massachusetts. football team and Lindsay Foley were also recognized.

Photos by Ginny Kropf: Margie Easton, right, Limited English Proficiency coordinator at the Iroquois Job Corps, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mary Lee Knights, outgoing president of OCALS, during their annual meeting thursday night. knights then presented a certificate to the Job Corps for its cooperation with OCALS programming.

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ind. – The United Way of Franklin County recently held its Annual Meeting. Michelle Brier was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by Executive Director, Kelly Bulmer. Bulmer commended Brier as a true community servant. outgoing board members were recognized for the many years of service, Barb Reed with six years, Karen Hoog.

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